Had a not particularly interesting day at work again, 30 people turned up for lunch at 12:25pm and they were supposed to be leaving at 1pm and seemed to be getting annoyed when there food wasn’t ready straight away. If they wanted it faster, they should have arrived earlier.

After work I was greeted with some odd sights, got back to find two lads laid on the sofa, in what can only be described as a ‘cuddling moment’, not anything sexual, that would be weird and I don’t think I would be posting it here, they were both just drunk. Saying that, when I looked out of the window there were two other lads, naked in the hot tub and shortly after there were four other lads naked in the hot tub. Me and my friends are close but my brother and his mates are extremely close. Not gay but far too much nakedness for my liking.

Back to heterosexualality and Rach has sent me an e-mail, she’ll be back on the 24th August and I can’t wait, I’m going to try and surprise her at the airport if I can, don’t know how but my romantic side wants to do something. Like Casablanca but the opposite.