First of all, long delay between posts. I have a feeling this may become a more regular occurance as Uni starts again and I have something to do outside of my room rather than the entire summer pretty much in here.

The delay this time was firstly, because I’ve been on holiday to sunny Spain with Rach. Got back Tuesday night and of course had to play with my new computer as soon as I got home. It arrived last Thursday and it’s amazing. Finally got the internet working on it after some problems with the NVIDIA firewall blocking sites. All sorted now and my machine is faster than ever. Coolio. Is it weird that I’ve missed my computer and now I’ve got it back again, ah, it’s so good looking, pictures will have to be up somewhere soon on here.

Had a great time in Spain, didn’t really do much, sat about, got brown, read some books, caught up with Rach and even managed to squeeze in a trip to the beach and one to the water park. It was really good just spending time with her. The plane even got struck by lightening on the way, that was brilliant, the old lady next to me didn’t think so but a boiled sweet calmed her down. I’m now back and trying to arrange computers to fit the people that need them, finding spare parts and generally just upgrading everybodies PC.

Football: England were diabollical last night, occasionally something good would happen and then it would all go wrong. 1-0 to Northern Ireland and to make it even worse it was an ex-Manchester United player and current Leeds frontman, David Healy who scored. Dirty Irish Man.

Cricket: The fifth Ashes test has started today and it’s not going bad, not brilliant but at the moment, 102-2. Come on England.

I’m about to get packed off to help some survey for Dad and looks like rain, what good timing.