It’s Saturday and I’ve still not done much. I’ve started thinking about my project and how I’m going to get a java program to run off the server using PHP, that’s a problem I’ll have to figure out sooner rather than later. The first piece of work (a 2500 word Initial Report) is due in at about week 5, it’s the end of week 1 now and my first meeting with my supervisor is next week.

Not up to much today, going out tonight, the first trip to Asylum of the semester. Happy Days. I do appear to have angered some form of god as my nose has decided it doesn’t want to let me breathe and my lungs keep chucking stuff back at me, nothing a few pints won’t solve.

I’ve also got to get my housemates back, they thought waking me and Rach up at 1am with a strimmer outside my door was a good idea, all I could hear was a big engine noise, a “wahey”, followed by “I bet that sets the smoke alarms off”, quickly followed by “beep……beep…….beep…..beep” hilarious. Revenge shall be sweet.