9:15 – Just arrived at lecture on Data Mining for Advanced Information Systems. Feel quite good considering I’ve only had a few hours sleep.

9:18 – Best get comfy, I’m confused already, I don’t know what the title means “Issues in DM & KD” DM is Data Mining but what’s KD. Maybe I’m not alright, I think I may know the reason, maybe I had a few too many last night.

9:34 – Still confused but the notes make more sense than the monkey talking at the front. Him talking makes it worse and looking around the theatre, I may not be the only one.

9:52 – FINALLY, KD = Knowledge Databases

10:03 – He’s still babbling and his pathetic teaching means I’m off to buy a book later, oh and I’ve got pins and needles in my arse, it’s not a good sensation.