The aim of this Greasemonkey script is to turn Toodledo’s Notebook into a code snippet library. The Notebook on it’s own is fine for general notes and the sync with Appigo Notebook is very handy but I wanted somewhere to keep my code snippets. I’ve been using The Guide for the past year synced with Dropbox which is a fantastic application but I still wanted somewhere central – in the cloud – to store everything that would ideally sync with my iPhone. As I already had a Toodledo account it seemed a shame to waste what they were offering in the Notebook functionality, the only problem appeared to be the frankly rubbish styling and the fiddly highlighting that is inevitable from a web application.

The styling was solved using the Things user style from Nonimage/Garfield, the highlighting by Alex Gorbatchev’s SyntaxHighlighter, it was just a case of manipulating the page to work well.


  • The highlighter will always choose Javascript at the moment, I need to think of a decent way of tagging each note with a language.
  • Even though Chrome does support a lot of Greasemonkey scripts it doesn’t support unsafeWindow which the script currently needs and is therefore Firefox only for now. UPDATE 21/11/2009 – Boom! Now works in Google Chrome


  1. By default the script will use Alex Gorbatchev’s domain to host the files, if you have your own mirror, please enter the domain on line 8.
  2. Choose a theme from this selection – – and edit theme_css_url on line 11 to which ever css file you have selected.
  3. An array of each syntax file available for the SyntaxHighlighter is created by default. To increase performance, remove/comment out those you don’t require from the scripts array (lines 13-37)
  4. For each snippet insert a syntax/brush aliasfollowed by ‘/#/’ (without the quotes). I prefer my code to start on the next line but it’s not necessary e.g.
  5. Whenever you click a note from now on it will be highlighted according to the syntax you have selected. Looking like this:


Firefox and Greasemonkey or Google Chrome, Toodledo Account


Toodledo Notebook Snippet Library (0.2) – 60.1KB JS File