Our garden started out as a concrete slab with an outside toilet block. My trusty sledge hammer and family help made short work of that and in it’s place we put a small patch of grass and tried to construct a small country garden. I’d prefer a large garden that wasn’t so overlooked but for the space we’ve got, I’m very happy with what we’ve achieved.

The garden after we’d knocked down the outside toilet (top right where part of the roof remains)

View down the garden from the folding, sliding doors which open on to the patio

Me in my hammock reading Batman: Year One hanging over the small patch of grass where a toilet once was.

Slabs and gravel laid and some plants starting to come through

As always with our house, it’s not quite finished yet but it’s very nice for relaxing, especially at night when I can look up at the stars in peace. Living in the country does have its advantages.