I’ve used Momento for iPhone for the past year and a half as a private journal. It’s great for getting all of my little thoughts out of my head.

There are lots of journalling apps available for iOS that are simple note taking, pictures, tagging etc. The difference with Momento is the amount of sources you can use to enter information into Momento. If you post something on Twitter, Facebook or many other sources you can have it appear in Momento as part of your diary. If you check in using Gowalla or Foursquare that gets added to your feed. Rather than you entering all your information multiple times, the app will fetch the information you want to add extra information to your diary posts about where you’ve been what you’ve done and who you’ve spoken to.

Date view of Momento posts

Calendar view of Momento posts

I do a lot of things through out my day that I have a habit of forgetting about, occasionally I’ll post photos to Flickr or talk to someone on a social network site. With all of these linked in to Momento, I don’t have to remember to record everything I do, it does it for me so I’m free to supplement this with something more personal that I don’t want to share to the entire world.

Tag and organising your Momento posts

Momento feed sources

Backup and Restore for data management in Momento

There are two things missing for me at the moment, the iPad app to make things easier to enter when I’ve got more time (in the works) and the ability to assign an image to a post from an RSS feed. The app can already cope with RSS feeds and images separately, I’d like to be able to assign a particular field in an RSS feed item as the image field. It’s something the developers have mentioned could possibly be supported in future so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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