The wife and I went to watch Jon Richardson’s Nidiot tour in Nottingham on Friday and thoroughly enjoyed it. As we’d had a few drinks after the show we decided to have a wander around the shops of Nottingham before setting off for home the next morning. As Rachael expected, I found a comic book shop and purchased a couple more for my collection.

God is disappointed in you looks like an excellent read that I could even get my family interested in, a modern language satirical look at the bible, condensing stories in to light hearted overviews. The Secret Service – Kingsman is the subject of a film with Colin Firth due for release early next year which from the trailer looks excellent and has peaked my interest in the book series. They’re both near the bottom of my reading list at the moment but with the rate that I’m reading From Hell it won’t be long before I’m caught up and I suppose I’ll have to buy some more.