Thursday today, that means only one thing, Pay-Day, made even better this week by the fact I didn’t get paid last week so a double wage is on the way. Woo Hoo! Money, money, money!

It’s official, I am becoming a proper geek. I stayed up ’til 3am to work on the site (like you do after you’ve just finished a shift at work and your working again today, genius!). I’ve been working on the shop, I’ve used code from a Wrox book

Wrox Book

as a basis, pretty basic but I’m adapting it to suit my needs. It’s only a little store to sell anything I don’t want or need anymore i.e. books, games etc. I’m still pretty new to PHP but I’m learning fast.

Had a phone call this morning from Rachael (my girlfriend), talked for an hour or so, nice to hear from her and she’s still having a good time. The camp she’s working at is for people with Special Needs (who knows if it’s politically correct, if its not I’ll change it). One camper was staying for 10 days, for 8 whole days he had used the counsellers to take him to the toilet, I mean doing everything for him, EVERYTHING. After the eighth day, he wheeled himself to the toilet, got on the toilet on his own, did his business, cleaned himself up and wheeled off. Now that is a funny, funny man, if I was wearing a hat I’d take it off to him. Reminds me of Little Britain, if you haven’t seen that, buy it.