Work was dull today, in fact today was a pretty shitty day really. Had to visit the dentist this morning (who incidently is new and is Polish, which makes talking to him great fun). Haven’t been in two years, the news wasn’t exactly good. I need seven fillings and root canal treatment. Ah. Even funnier, Adrian needs nine fillings and an extraction but he has to pay for his, £150.20. For some reason mine was free, I think I just look younger than I am. When I say I think I look younger, I do look younger, there is no questioning it, at all, not a sausage.

Got to drive to Jacko’s tonight after work, it’s only 45 min away so it’s not too bad and then I get to relax at his all day tomorrow, nothing special just haven’t seen the lads for a few weeks so it’s a bit of a catch up sesh.