Well supposedly it’s the Sabbath, the day of rest, all I’ve done is bloody work. I’ve been on a split, on a Sunday, I’ve never done that in the three years I’ve been there. It’s been a bit crap, although I did convince a little kid and his brother to say “Liverpool are rubbish” to the scouse chef, that cost me a coke each and then they (and their 16 year old auntie and cousin, who thought I was cute…..awww shucks) wouldn’t leave me alone so it technically backfired.

Sundays are usually quiet too but I managed to serve a least forty people and felt ill for all of it….but the £20 tip I got was worth it, not sure if it was a tip but nobody’s claimed it yet so I’m having it.

To top of the night, the printer broke so I’ve had to add up the all the takings of each receipt. Crap.