Work was surprisingly good. Absolutely nothing to do with anything to do with work, I’m just happy still. It’s a girlfriend returning high. Yep that’s right, I’m still in a stupidly happy mood and a text message I’ve just received from her has made it even better/worse depending if you’re me or somebody having to put up with me.

Newbie at work is still making mistakes but I charmed my way to keeping the customers happy, I’ve learned that if you have a chat with them before they order, they’re a hell of lot easier to keep happy if anything goes wrong.

I’ve come home to find an e-mail from some people about my PC what a bargain. It’ll have a 3Ghz 64Bit Processor, 1Gb RAM and all the other on board brilliantness as well as all my current do hicky’s (256Mb AGP Graphics Card, which I have in writing will fit and my current 200Gb harddrive which is still big enough for me). I want it to be here tomorrow. It won’t be because I haven’t ordered it yet and it’s a Bank Holiday weekend but still you can dream. Ordering comes tomorrow morning before work. Yay! Something else to be happy about.