Work was actually quite good again, this is getting weird. Kept all the guests happy and one woman kept calling me her favourite barman everytime she came to the bar, she kept winking at me too but I ignored that. After about 6 hours I was shattered but then I got a second wind and got my “thang” on, throwing, catching and generally just looking like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, just less pink and less 80’s. Just one day to go until I am officially unemployed again, woo! Job Seekers Allowance here we come (I’m kidding, Student Loan and poverty here we come)

Rach’s parents have insisted on paying for her to go to Spain next week, now I have no problem excepting this but it was my treat and she wouldn’t have been going if it wasn’t for me suggesting it so I feel a little guilty for them paying for her. Never mind, if they insist I’m not going to argue ’cause that would be pointless.