Revenge has turned into nothingness. I wasn’t going to let on that they had woken me up, I laughed, they realised, I punched them, they laughed, I kicked their asses at MarioKart.

I had the worst attack of “Man Flu” yesterday, I was shivering, full of phlem (delightful) and coughing like I had whooping cough. I couldn’t stay awake and felt as fragile as a ming vase. I couldn’t do a thing, Lemsip Max Strength down the hatch it was then. It’s starting to clear up a bit now but a lecture on ethics and professional integrity was not what I needed. I’m sat in a lab now waiting for a lab to start (if that makes sense) and I’ve already done the work, hence, I’m filling the world in on my adventures.

I’m a bit dissapointed, as I suspect you all are :D , that I haven’t had a chance to get more done on the website but I was expecting that when Uni started again. It’ll come in fits and spurts around coursework and the dreaded final year dissertation. I’d like to get some old code up and maybe finally fix the desktop script so I can upload them quickly but in my list of priorities that’s near the bottom.

Rach and the girls are going out tonight so I’m going to try and get cracking on some research into java and php, maybe get everything set up and organised. Generally get ahead so when I fall behind, it’s not with such a big bump. The rest of the lads are staying in so the work might be a little sporadic but I’ll try, depends if anybody convinces me to play Pro Evo or Brian Lara Cricket. Lets face it, the convincing is not going to be hard when the work has even started yet this semester.

Just a side note: the house gnome has died, when I say died, I suspect murdered, there was a hammer and two metal poles next to it, not exactly Diagnosis Murder stuff to solve. He was loved and now he is lost. Do gnomes go to heaven? Answers on a postcard.