I figured as it’s been a long time in between posts again I best show myself and explain. I’ve been getting to grips with my final year project. Finally got cracking on it now, I’ve decided to create a web interface/front end for a command line script tester. I haven’t quite figured everything out but I’ve got to create a link between the two and display the results of the tested program. The intial report needs to be done for the 14th October so only a few weeks to go. I need to get an outline/purpose to explain to my supervisor for Monday and I might even go home this Friday. So much to do, so little time.

I’m getting a little annoyed that I can’t do anything else other Uni work in my spare time but hopefully that will ease off when I get this project off the ground. Oh, and if anybody knows anything about PHP/COM/JAVA/JSCRIPT and how they all interface, maybe with an example I would be delighted, please, please send me an e-mail and let me know.

United won tonight thank god, it was just not getting any funnier watching them begin to head into decline, here’s hoping this will catapult them into some kind of good form and maybe win a few in the league, August was brilliant, September has just been rubbish. Staying on the subject of football, it’s the first match back for my team, the Hurricanes tomorrow and it’s against the only team I’ve scored against since I’ve been in this team. Brilliant.

It’s only short and not very interesting post but I’ve got work to do, toddle pip.