Just found a link on my old college website about some kid (Stephen Frizzle) trying to get the word Knunder in the Oxford English Dictionary, now that is a creative fella. It’s been submitted to Wikipedia and basically all over the place. He’s trying to get it done within the next 5 years to win a bet with his English teacher, who I know. Amazing. The dictionary people say it has to be used on website and printed in other places for it to be considered a word. Therefore I’m doing my bit for a fellow Lincolnshire lad. I’m a loser.

Went to see GOAL! tonight, not a bad film, predictable but not bad…..oh and Anna Friel is amazing once again. She used to be really nice, then went missing for a while, now she’s back and looking fine.

I’m currently sat in my room, on my own, drinking a pint, everyone else has gone to bed. Do I have a problem? Maybe.

Have a look at the new video I put on the Hurricanes site, it’s funny and I’m pleased with it, look. (UPDATED LINK 20/06/2012)