I’m at home alone today, everybody’s got out so I’m getting some work done/playing on Super Monkey Ball, bought it last week and it’s awesome. Brilliant playing that with all the lads. I’ve finished the first piece of my final year project, it was only a 2000 word report but it’s a good feeling to have started something. Even better, I’ve got a 3D Maze to program for my graphics course. That’s started well and hopefully I’ll have the majority of it done by next week.

Farley’s had a good idea for a money making scheme that actually might work. I might even have a play with that this weekend. So many things to do. I keep having loads of ideas for little projects to make and do but it’s finding the time to make them. Oh well, I better just make some time.

Went to the Hull fair last night with Rach. Apparently it’s the biggest in Europe, it’s definitely got the most of amount of pikeys/carnies/townies. Pretty much every hole in society grouped together in one car park. Nothing like seeing a big bunch of townies being chased by first policemen and second carnies whilst eating some fair food crap. Brilliant fun. Now I feel sick after eating left over brandy snaps. I think I’m being punished for judging people.