Hello interweb people,

Been busy with lots of project work and lots of other projects, so many I’m actually going to tell you about all of them, ‘cos it’s my website and I can do that. Not interesting at all.

Finally managed to make the Jscript compile using the ROTOR framework, for some reason when I installed Visual Studio it wasn’t installing everything (stupid Message Compiler) but it’s all sorted now, just got to figure out how to use the program that my supervisor has made. I might even get a chance to start programming next week, hopefully.

The 3D maze I’m building is a little more complicated than I thought but it should be good when I’ve finished, just got to think of some imaginative features to put in to get me some extra marks.

I’ve started programming an FAQ manager in PHP, I’m going to use it on my final year project as well so technically it’s uni work. It’s pretty simple but it’s the first project I’ve done in PHP that’s got to work to a deadline, should be fun. I’m making this sound like I’ve done nothing but work on my computer, which is fairly true but it’s all got to be done soon.

Just got back from the pub, they were showing Man Utd vs. Middlesbrough until 43min and then they decided to watch the rugby so I’ve had to come home and listen. Not exactly good, 3-0 down after 60min gone. Rubbish.

Started enjoying my football at lot more, I’m getting a bit more of games, still no where near as much as I’d like but not going to complain, we’re winning and playing well but the amount of attempts we have compared to the amount of goals we score is pathetic. I took about five corners on Wednesday and everyone was headed over or wide, shocking.

Found a new website I like, I’ve been watching the ClickOnline program from the BBC for a while but it’s only a short weekly show so I went looking. Found G4TV.com it’s got some good video content and some interesting stories so I added it to my favourites, I’ll even put it on my links page, which I’ve also done in the past two weeks. I’m so efficient/geeky.