I am in a brilliant mood today, not only did United beat Chelsea but I’ve just finished having a meeting with my supervisor about my project and I think I can handle it. I’m feeling a lot more confident about it and to top it off I had an unexpected lay in this morning. Life is good.

I’ve got all afternoon to work on my 3D Maze so hopefully I’ll get stuck into that. Just trying to figure out the world coordinates. Confusing it definitely is.

Rach went home for the weekend so I had time to get a fair amount of work done, deadlines are coming think and fast but I’m coping so far. Even found time to play with the layout/design of this and fix some bugs that had been bothering me for a while. Amazing how doing little things takes a wait of your mind.

The Ultimate computer has had a problem recognising the RAM, it turns out I’ve got to send back so they can replace the motherboard. Now it’s just finding a time when I don’t need to work on my computer so I can send it back.