I love watches, I mean I really love watches but none of the 9 watches I have have ever satisfied my watch dream. The closest I have at the moment is an iPod Nano with an iWatchz black strap. It looks good (to me), it plays music, displays photos, radio, Nike+ and most  importantly tells the time but it’s still missing a few things but things that Apple could hopefully fix one day.

My ideal watch would have the following features:

  • MP3 Player
  • Video player – not essential but it might be nice when I’m waiting in places.
  • Pictures – only a few, kind of like having a photo in your wallet.
  • DAB Radio – mainly BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 and BBC Radio 5 Live.
  • Bluetooth – to sync with my phone
  • Wifi – to update data feeds, I don’t want to browse the Internet on it, just update my todo list, get football notifications etc. (Could potentially be done via Bluetooth)
  • Notifications – I’ve got a phone call, text message etc.
  • Apps – custom apps so I could have my todo list
  • Watch faces – changeable watch faces like the iPod Nano currently has but open for me to create my own.
  • Watch straps – changeable watch straps to customise it how I want.
  • Rechargable battery – I don’t care if it only lasts a few days.

If anybody knows of a watch that does even a few of these, please let me know.