This is the first Marvel book I’ve read from start to finish and I thoroughly enjoyed it. No character is ever going to beat Batman in my eyes but it’s always interesting to read other characters, other writers and other publishers. I was bought a few books by my dear wife on a visit to MCM Comic Con in May and finally got round to reading some of them in the past week.

My main interest is Batman comics but I’ve got some knowledge of the Marvel characters from films and cartoons over the years, it was interesting to see them in a darker light. The story itself is well known but thankfully it didn’t go exactly as I expected which added to my enjoyment. Either side of the fight seemed to have a balanced amount of story time and even though it takes place in a lot of different settings I didn’t find myself re-reading any of the story.

The colours are strong and the lines well placed for the action packed nature of the story. I’ve found myself looking back through the story after reading it to appreciate the artwork further.

I’m looking forward to reading more books from Marvel.