Who hasn’t wanted a secret lair? A cave to hide, work and play in? I realise this makes me sound like a child but I’m 28, married and at a job I’m happy in. I’m happy were I work, I’m happy in my personal life and the house I live in is not half bad so if I can’t have ridiculous dreams when I’ve still got time to do something about them then what’s the point in having an imagination.

I love Batman; I watch the TV series, I watch all of the films, I read the books, I read the comics, I read the novels, I wear the pants. We’re talking a proper enjoyment of anything related to Batman. He’s got the wealth and talent to do something good in the world, the enviable gadgets and the mysterious air, what’s not to like. As I grew to love all things Batman over the past few years the thought of a secret lair has floated around in my head and continually pops up in my ideas for “My Dream Home” on Pinterest. This is slowly turning in to an obsession, all I need is a lottery win and I’m golden.

The ideal setup would have

  • a huge TV/projector screen
  • media center/Xbox One when it’s released
  • surround sound
  • old school arcade which runs SNES, Megadrive and MAME roms
  • a bar hidden behind a wall, accessed by pulling a light fitting, containing the following:
    • drinks dispenser
    • beer fridge
    • selection of craft ales (mainly American IPA)
    • selection of burnt toffee rums
    • selection of smooth whiskies
  • foosball table
  • darts board
  • a ridiculous amount of bookshelves filled with comics, mafia stories and space books
  • basketball hoop

All of this and it must be accessed by moving a book or playing a tune on a piano which operates a revolving fireplace or bookcase. Simple really.