From Hell is an excellent and very graphic story from Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell, portraying the time of ‘Jack the Ripper‘ in Whitechapel and the East End of London.

The artwork is basic but detailed and usually easy to follow, my only gripe was a few close up drawings were difficult to comprehend in the black and white outline style. However that was only a couple of panels in a 600+ page book.

For the price (RRP £24.99) it is well worth the money for the story alone but it’s artwork is definitely R rated with a few close up shots of prostitution, murder and general gore. Even for a bloke who has been around the Internet and seen some horrific sights some of the drawings were shocking, especially as this book was a Christmas present from my religious mother-in-law although I should add it was on my wish list. It wasn’t a case of her flicking through the pages and deciding “Yep, this will be right up his street”. I hope anyway that I haven’t given her that impression of me!