About Me

For years my personal website was left dormant as I worked away at TJS (Web Designers in Lincolnshire), it served it’s purpose and got me the job in the first place. I’ve since had a change of heart and decided I’d like to show off some of my work from the past 5 years. The majority of the work has been done through TJS but the occasional interesting person has crossed my path looking for a website and I’m usually happy to oblige.

I’m a developer at heart, originally self taught whilst studying for a degree in Computer Science but followed up with an MSc under the tutelage of some very clever and inspiring people at the Scarborough campus of the University of Hull.

I have been known to design a few sites and I have a concept that I’m currently working on that I’m very proud of, it’s been in development since 2007 so don’t hold your breath about seeing it any time soon.

I used to use my blog when I was still at Uni back in 2005 but it’s laid dormant for the past 6/7 years but as I found the old posts I’ve imported them into here which kind of explains the big gaps or it could be that I’m just a bit slack at posting/have nothing of any interest to say that hasn’t been said by others before.

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